Sponsor A Child

The most effective way to help the children of Bali is to educate the poor and educate the educated about the poor.

  • Children will be nominated for the program by the applicable WINS Learning Center after an assessment of the need and an evaluation of the child has been completed.
  • Parental support is necessary.
  • A donor or donors will sponsor a specific child or children.

Individual Sponsorship

All sponsor donations will be used solely for educational purposes to include:

  • School fees
  • Transportation to and from school if necessary
  • Uniforms, books and supplies

Elementary or junior high school is less expensive than high school but individual sponsorship donations are amortized to maintain a constant monthly donation amount. However, fees from the school system could change from time to time.

The WINS Project USA, Inc. requests semi-annual or annual payments. Tax receipts will be sent at that time.

Sponsors may decide that additional donations may be used for other purposes such as clothing, healthcare or savings.

Each child will have their own bank account and will do their bookkeeping under the supervision of the WINS Learning Center Director. None of the sponsorship contributions go to the WINS Project USA, Inc. general fund.

The child’s financial ledger will be sent to the sponsor by the WINS Treasurer at the end of the school year in June.

A sample plan and ledger is available on request.

Child’s Responsibility

Each child is responsible to email their sponsor on a regular basis approximately every other month. Each student has their own email account.

Each child should be working to their full potential and school attendance is mandatory.

It is expected that every student attend the Learning Centers for supplemental lessons in such subjects such as English, computers and Balinese culture classes.

Select a Child

Click on this link to find a child (from a Bali Learning Center) in need of a sponsor: Find a Child

Send an e-mail to WINSUSA@TheWINSProject.org and let us know which child you're interested in sponsoring.

“All of us do not have equal talent but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talent.”
John F. Kennedy

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